Hi. Were you trying to reach a specific law firm?  You may have accidentally misspelled the domain name.  Please try one of the links below for firms with very similar names.  (No endorsement or referral is intended, and the links are provided only as a public service to get folks where they need to go upon accidentally coming here.  These are the only common misspellings that I am personally aware of.)  
  • LAWWITZ.COM (two firms)
    • Witz Law, P.A., d/b/a Witz Law, in Minnesota: Allan Witz is an attorney and mediator who is licensed in three states.  The firm's website describes practice areas that include Immigration/Nationality, Estate Planning, Business Strategies, and Real Estate.  Tel. (507) 424-0500.  
    • Witz Law, P.A., in Florida: David I. Witz practices Immigration and Real Estate law and is licensed in Florida and New York.  Tel. (786) 497-1878.

  • WIRTZLAW.COM (Wirtz Law, A.P.C.): According to the website, Wirtz Law is a California-based firm of trial attorneys that deals primarily with "lemon law" matters, trademark infringement and business law disputes.  Other practice areas are mentioned as well.  Richard M. Wirtz is listed as the founding attorney.  Tel. (858) 259-5009.

Sander J. ("Sandy") Rabinowitz is a government attorney, manager and former IT specialist who resides in central Florida.  Unless expressly stated otherwise, the views expressed on this site and on affiliated social media are solely that of the author and not those of any public or private organization. Although witzlaw.com was once a professional website for an office I operated out of Columbia, Tennessee in 2007-09, I have been exclusively in federal government service since 2009 and do not accept any private or non-government clients.   

I have been a practicing member of the Tennessee Bar since 2007.  Up-to-date credential information is here.  

Page last updated: 4 January 2022.
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